About Me

aMy Life

I live with my high school sweetheart (and husband of over thirty years) in the great state of Texas.  I spend many of my days reading, writing and fulfilling my roles as wife, mother, grandmother, daughter and friend.

My Loves

I love to cook, eat, watch old movies (often while on a treadmill or doing yoga), play board games and take long walks. My favorite new activity is making my grandchildren laugh!

My Past

I hold a Master of Education degree from the University of Houston and have taught public school, homeschool and Sunday school. My wholesale muffin business went bust, but my non-profit, The H2O Project www.theh2oproject.org. is still raising funds to provide clean water around the world.

My Passion

To help people trust God with every part of life, even the parts that don’t seem so “spiritual” at first. To maintain joy in all circumstances and to help my friends do the same.

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