Even If Again

Last month I had an opportunity to talk to a group of young moms about the power of moving our minds from “What If?” to “Even If!!” (If you need a refresher, you can read about that change of perspective HERE.) Just days later, I was reading through some old blog entries and came across this:

We are never in control. We can only trust and obey. No matter what.

Several years ago we were headed to a wedding. Traffic stopped ahead, but our car didn’t. I could hear our son in the back seat saying, “Careful! Careful!” as I tried to figure out why we were still moving. A water bottle had slipped from the seat and lodged underneath the brake. Eventually, the bottle shifted, the car stopped, and all was well. But it might not have been, and I was reminded once again that we are never in control.

Yes, I know. Water bottles belong in cup holders, and mine will be carefully stowed there from now on. But we still can’t really control life. Even if we take every possible precaution as to health and safety, we can’t guarantee our own security. Tucked into bed in some quiet corner of the world, we are still vulnerable. An earthquake, a tornado, an aneurism, a heart attack, and a whole host of other life-changing or life-ending events remain real possibilities despite our efforts to forestall them.

So, what do we do? We trust and obey. Can you hear that great old hymn in the background of your brain? “Trust and obey for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.” John H. Sammis put awesome theology to a delightful tune.

The Lord is our Maker, our Owner, and the One who loves us forever. (Check out Psalm 100.) Trusting him makes perfect sense. If we remain “safe” by our own definition, we trust him. If the storm comes and we suffer loss, we trust him. And to the best of our ability, we do things his way. If we were sick, we would listen to our doctors. If we were lost in the jungle, we would happily follow an expert guide, should one appear. We serve the Great Physician. We have an all-knowing Guide. Obedience to our loving Lord is simply logical. Why would we want to live outside of his plan?

Someday the car may not stop. The tornado may strike. Even if that happens, we can be sure that God is there. He loves us, he sees the big picture, and he is in control.

It’s an old blog, but filled with even older (much older!) truths. ‘Hope you’ll walk in trust today!


2 thoughts on “Even If Again

  1. Reading the remarkable testimony of brother Yun the revolutionary in his book “The Heavenly Man” about his experiencing leading the house church movement in China in the 80s. His desire to trust the Lord even when in the smallest cages or harshest labor camps for years at a time is inspiring. Your words are too. Thanks!!

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