Seven Million Miles

I read this quote in an recent issue of “Imprimis Magazine.”

“We have spun 7,000,000 miles since last year, and in our orbiting have sailed an unthinkable 568 million miles through space.”

We did not spin out of orbit or hit anything as we hurled through space. Let that be a reminder to us that we serve a very big God. Whatever we face today, he is facing it with us. He loves us more than we love the most precious people in our lives.


And if you need more convincing, take a look at this: Don’t Worry. Be Healthy. | Smoother Sailing ( or this: Don’t Worry. Be Happy! | Smoother Sailing (


2 thoughts on “Seven Million Miles

  1. Been reading Imprimis for many years. Hillsdale is an American treasure. Good stuff. The Lord is our great Sustainer.

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