Follow the GPS

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Steve and I were navigating the winding backroads of New York State. We were pretty confused about our location, but, like everyone else these days, relied on our map app to get us to our destination. Can an iphone preach a sermon? Well, maybe. Here’s what I learned:

Sometimes the right way looks wrong. On more than one occasion, the directions told me to turn north when I thought going south would be easier. If we went my way, we lost time wandering or snarled in traffic. Trusting the GPS software got us where we were going every time, taking us through every tricky turn. Hmmm. ‘Sounds a little like the way I have to trust God even when his ways don’t make sense to me.

Sometimes there’s a cost to following instructions. Once we had to cross a bridge that charged a thirteen dollar toll! I railed a bit, convinced that with a map of my own and time to study it I could have found another way. Later, having asked plenty of locals, I discovered that the only way to reach our goal was to pay the price.

There’s always a way back after a wrong turn. Despite my best efforts, we missed a road or two. Eventually, our electronic guide would reroute us and get us back on track. There was an inconvenience or delay with each mistake, but none of them were irreparable.

Don’t you wish we had GPS software for life? We do! Isn’t it a lovely thing that we have the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and the counsel of other believers to help us discern God’s direction? So long as we commit ourselves to following his leading, we can relax and enjoy the journey, safe in the assurance that he will take us through the tricky turns, enable us to pay the price, and lovingly bring us back into his plan whenever we err.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11).

4 thoughts on “Follow the GPS

  1. I love GPS… I mean it solved me ever having to ask for directions, which I am fundamentally prevented from doing based on my sex. However, if Siri gets too bossy, I reserve the right to mute her (unlike in real life!). Good thoughts today.

  2. Excellent analogy! Trust. Rely. Hmmm, makes me think of my long time favorite verses: Proverbs 3:5-7 My biggest hurdles still learning: “do NOT lean on your own understanding” (we don’t always know the best or what’s ahead), “He WILL make your paths straight” (maybe not how we think or want) & “Be not wise in your own eyes” (we will never be as wise as our loving Heavenly Father).💜💜💜

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