Revival of a Different Sort

Today, before the sun was even up, I flushed a toilet, started a load of laundry, boiled a pot of eggs, and made myself a cup of tea.

Somewhere else in the world, before the sun was even up, a woman not really all that different from me headed out along a mile-long path. She filled a 5-gallon pail with 40 pounds of water and carried it back to her family.

I’m passionate about providing clean water to those in need. But that’s a topic for another time. Today I want to share my passion for gratitude.

Sometimes, even in our western world of comfort and ease, we become exhausted or uncomfortable. And that can lead to a self-absorbed discontent. Or, maybe we begin to notice neighbors whose lives seems more delightful than our own. Our gratitude begins to fade, even in light of all our blessings. And we let it.

No more! Today I call on you (and on myself as well) to notice the simple blessing of water. I challenge you to breathe a prayer of thanksgiving every time you flush a toilet, turn on a tap, or take a shower. These are gifts! And then, move on to noticing the many other “simple” blessings God has given you. Make a list and stick it on your mirror if need be.

  • Revive your contentment.
  • Shout your praises.
  • Be happy and smile over the good things in your life.

And, if you are so inclined, share a list of your newly noticed blessings with me.


6 thoughts on “Revival of a Different Sort

  1. I just read this to my six year old, Everly.
    She said she is thankful for her 6:30am walks with her dad around the neighborhood. Today she got to feed horses some grass and pet them. The day before she got to see two large llamas too. I’m thankful for bringing my son and daughter on jobs with me this week. They got to work hard and see the results for the client… and make some cash. All good things!!

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