Why Do We Give Chocolate to Children?

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com Please note that this is not a photo of my grandson!

As you’ve gathered from earlier posts, I have grandchildren now. I also have a generous supply of chocolate chips—white, dark, milk, and caramel. While Steve and I certainly get into my stash from time to time, I keep those chip jars full primarily for the sake of the little ones in my life. Today they sprinkled them on top of pans of pumpkin muffins. They’ve insisted on adding them to our quarts of homemade frozen yogurt. Sometimes, though, I just dole out small piles of chips into each of their eager hands.

But why? Why do any of us give chocolate (or sprinkles, or ice cream or…) to children? We all know it’s not particularly healthy. I think we do it because we take pleasure in delighting those we love. I enjoy the broad smiles and pure excitement a few chocolate chips can evoke in my grandchildren. I like giving them what they like. It makes me happy.

I think God takes pleasure in delighting those he loves—that’s us. Of course, every blessing he gives us is 100% good. The questions I want to ask you today, though, are these:

  • How good are you at delight?
  • Do you keep your eyes open for God’s blessings and please him by enjoying what he gives you?
  • Do you take good things for granted or, worse yet, deny yourself the pleasure of His gifts because you know you don’t deserve them?

My grandchildren often say, “I’m so excited…” When I hear that, I’m challenged to rekindle my own excitement, to renew my recognition of the pleasant things in life, all of which are gifts from God. I want to urge you today to up your level of delight in the Lord, not just in who he is, but also in all he provides.

And won’t you please take a moment to tell me about it here?

And one more thing: Last week’s blog was written by my mom, Beth Smith. Some of you received it by email before it was properly credited. ‘Just want to set the record straight!

5 thoughts on “Why Do We Give Chocolate to Children?

  1. Love this! You are so good at showing analogies that drive home God’s truth & character. Thank you!! And, we do see God’s goodness & blessings to us often. This challenges me to make sure we delight in them more openly & look more for the little chocolate chips He sprinkles in our lives! This is just beautiful – one of my all time favorites of yours ❤

  2. My greatest delight in God lately is seeing a daughter and son-in-law come to Christ. They have been prayed over by myself and my prayer warrior friends for years and when God answered that prayer recently it brought me to happy tears and my heart was just dancing. Thank you God for this answer to prayer! I learned of this from a phone call to a friend of theirs who is a pastor…..they have not talked to me about this themselves…which is fine. This is between them and God and I take such great delight in this. However, I do need to be more diligent in looking for the everyday delights from God…the chocolate chips on top of a muffin. Thank you Brenda for your wonderful blogs. I love reading them and please give your sweet mama a hug and kiss from me

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