wise owl pixabay 9 7 17Thanks to moleskine.com and the generosity of my children, I carry a tiny notebook in my purse. It helps me remember all sorts of things—the email I need to send, the extra item that belongs on my grocery list, and, perhaps most importantly, the wise words I read or hear and hope to share. It’s time for me to move my latest collection of quotes from the pages of my notebook to the pages of this blog. I’ve identified their source by initials alone. If, however, you are the one that shared these wonderful words and would like full credit, just grab it via the comments section below.

•          We must not allow the ugliness of this world to take away our joy. (From the film “United Kingdom”)

•          “The best plan for us is to not be overly confident of our plans!” (S. N.)

•          “Don’t get chased off your post.” (Author Unknown)

•          “God has the right to interrupt your life.” (Church Billboard, Austin)

•          “It is never a good time to grumble, ever.” (D. H.)

•          “Ask the Helper for help.” (T.V.)

•          “Develop the disciplines of resting and digesting. Digest the Word of God and then rest in his promises.” (J.D.)

Do these resonate with you? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments box below.

If you are in the midst of post-hurricane reconstruction, please know that Steve and I are among the countless thousands who continue to pray for you. A disaster can never be understood. May you be encouraged by the only One that can provide peace that is beyond understanding.


What are your thoughts?

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