Another Battle

Last November, a courageous young woman named Erica was told that a tumor occupied 25% of her brain. I’d like to share her story with you via condensed versions of her Facebook and Instagram posts.

November 27

Here’s where we began just 13 days ago:

“A brain tumor? You are kidding, right?” I asked this of my doctor and certainly of God. I just had a baby. I was supposed to enjoy my maternity leave. How is this fair? Why and how is this happening? We don’t know exactly what kind of brain tumor I have or how it will be treated. What we do know is:

  • My son was born before I was diagnosed, sparing me any decisions regarding treatment before giving birth.
  • An amazing circle of family, friends, and church family are blessing us with prayers and encouragement.
  • Overcoming any obstacles ahead will require my/our best effort, positive attitudes, and positive actions.

Going forward, I/we will NOT recount the negatives of my diagnosis, the way I feel each day, the lows of the path.  I/we WILL talk about our blessings, our adventures, our families and the joys of each day. I choose to not invest time and words on a condition that I seek to quickly and permanently leave my body.  Please join us in our positive outlook, the moment to moment appreciation and joy-based approach to what awaits.

December 1

I already know there will be times when I get frustrated and will ask God, “Why me?” or “When will this end?” or some other unanswerable questions. At those moments, I will do my best to climb back out of that hole, get back to a positive outlook and continue to rely of God, His plan, and my incredible support group around me.

I know that I CAN decide how to conduct myself and act: positive thoughts, a loving attitude, my eyes and heart focused on what God wants for me. I am eager to get going on my next steps.

While change itself can be difficult, accepting it can be even harder. It is an act of trust. Funny how things come about in our lives that change our entire path. I have always loved fashion, hair and being different from the crowd…… Now I am different from the crowd. I’ve gained 50 pounds because of steroids, I’m bald, and I have cancer. But I’m proud to be alive, and one day I will tell my children that I survived this.

On May 27, Aaron and Erica, who is still undergoing treatment, had a beautiful wedding in their backyard. Erica is a courageous example of one who has chosen to leave her battle in God’s hands, fighting, yes, but letting him be the One in charge and drawing peace from the assurance of his love. I encourage you to follow her example and to join me in praying for her progress.

 And do you have a story of faith and courage that you can share with me? If so, just message me here:








One thought on “Another Battle

  1. Brenda – thank you for asking your readers for prayers and blessings for Erica…and for your wonderful support over the miles too!
    Love you both – Joe

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