Bugs Bunny: A Two Part Tale


Part One: If you were to survey the artwork in my home, two pieces would strike you right away. One is a giclee of Bugs Bunny playing the piano, a work by Chuck Jones appropriately entitled “Bugs at Piano.” It was a gift to us from Elizabeth when she graduated from college. The other is “Café Terrace at Night” by Vincent Van Gogh. (Of course, it’s just a copy, one we ordered on the internet.)

Part Two: My sister Rebekah was only 7 when I left for college. She lives in Burbank now, and I live in Houston. Despite the distance, we are still close. We had those few short years of living together, and now we keep in touch by phone and text. Earlier this summer, though, I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon at her house. I was surprised to discover that she has one very prominent piece of artwork displayed on her entryway wall—“Café Terrace at Night.”

Rebekah and I have never discussed art. We rarely see one another’s homes, yet of all the options in all the world, we chose the same painting for our walls. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I submit that we are simply of the same mind.

  • We’ve spent a great deal of time together.
  • We converse.
  • We keep each other in mind.

The second chapter of 1 Corinthians talks about having the mind of Christ. I want to be of the same mind as Christ, don’t you? I want to have his perspective, especially when things aren’t going the way I would choose. I want to emulate his love for others and be led by his wisdom. How do we get that?

  • We spend a great deal of time together—sometimes reading scripture, sometimes fellowshipping with other believers in his company, and sometimes just being still with him.
  • We converse—pouring out our hearts in prayer and praise and seeking to hear his still small voice.
  • We keep each other in mind. Well, I already know the Lord has me in mind all the time. Practicing his presence, keeping him first in my thoughts, is another thing altogether, but an important discipline to develop.

I don’t think these three habits should simply be another list of resolutions. Rather, they are items of prayer, choices we can only make and maintain by the power of the Holy Spirit. They will not always be easy, but imagine the joy and comfort that awaits those of us who truly begin to have the mind of Christ!


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