Lessons from Anthony Hopkins


After five blogs about illness and recovery, I thought it might be time to take a lighter approach this week, so I’m writing about video entertainment. Perhaps this isn’t a “spiritual” topic, yet the Bible has plenty to say about where we allow our thoughts to go. Because our thoughts can be so very quickly shaped or directed by what is on the screen in front of us, I always welcome positive suggestions.

One of my favorite movies is “Meet Joe Black.” I must begin with a disclaimer, though. The film includes one short but definitely inappropriate scene. You’ll know it when it begins. Just push “fast forward.” Otherwise the movie is delightful—beautiful in scenery, writing, and acting. It is a celebration of true love, healthy marriage, life in its brevity, and death in its eventuality. It teaches that a married man and woman should take care of one another, that their love should be exciting, thrilling, obsessive, and passionate. It suggests that death should be faced without fear, and that life should be lived without regret. Here are two of my favorite quotes.

  • “65 years. Don’t they go by in a blink?”
  • “I love you so much and no matter what, I don’t want you to worry. Everything will be okay.”

While the movie does not speak of God directly, I see Him in the story. The same is true of another favorite, “A Good Year.” I’ve been told by one of a younger generation that the movie is slow. I find it to be a wonderful tale of discovering what is important in life, of valuing the people around us. It takes an opportunistic Russell Crowe on a journey back to his roots, where he is forced to reconsider the life he has made for himself. Every time I watch “A Good Year,” I find myself asking myself once again if my priorities lie where they belong.

And how about you? Do you have a film in mind that entertains you while provoking you to love or good works or a fresh perspective? If so, I’d love for you to share the title here. Thanks for reading! Brenda

And one more thing: I’ve received a few emails that make me think I have not been clear enough about my current state of health. I’m about 95% recovered from the surgery itself. The other 5% is sure to come with time. I do not need any chemotherapy or radiation. So, once again, let me thank you for your generous prayer support!


What are your thoughts?

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