Love Kindness Part 2


Last week, I promised you more great quotes from Barry H. Corey’s new book. Here they are, with corresponding page numbers listed. I’d like to know how they hit you. Agree? Disagree? Challenged? Encouraged? Let’s dialog. The comment box awaits!



  • Christians often bypass kindness to begin a shouting match, or we just talk among ourselves about how awful the other side is. We have ranted before we’ve related, deeming the latter too soft on sin. (xii)
  • Kindness is not incompatible with courage. (xiv).
  • It’s time for followers of Jesus to rediscover the power of kindness. (xv)
  • As my home church pastor said, “God is totally reliable but hardly predictable.” (30)
  • The challenge accompanying the life of kindness is that it calls us to the way of the meek and not the way of the proud. Pride gives us a shield to hide behind. Meekness exposes our weaknesses. It is the difficult but healthier road to follow. (37)
  • May the proportions of Christ in me wax as my ego wanes. When civility and humility stop being marks of a Christian, the salt has lost its savor and the light has been hidden under a bushel. (46)
  • Listening is a dimension of loving. (69)
  • One of the beautiful dimensions of kindness is presence. It is the quiet gift of being there. (84)
  • Kindness sometimes shows up more powerfully in silence than it does in words. Kindness is sometimes seen in selfless acts of presence. (99)
  • Presence is more eye contact than it is saying something profound. (100)
  • When we cease to proclaim Christ in how we live, we profane Christ in those who watch. (132)
  • And when we mess up, which we inevitably will, defaulting to denial only pours kerosene on the flames of hypocrisy. (133)
  • Mentoring is a gracious act of kindness. (144)
  • Hospitality is inviting someone into our space where life happens, and it’s intimate and healing. Opening our table to those who wouldn’t typically be invited is among the most radical acts of kindness…Hospitality is a Christian imperative, not an option. See Hebrews 13:2 (163)
  • If we are kind simply to receive kindness back, then our kindness will wither when it gets the stiff arm or even the fist. If our kindness goes in just one direction and does not expect to be returned, then our kindness won’t recoil at rejection. Then we are obeying Christ, who called us to be receivable and never promised us we’d be received. (173)
  • Pride more than anything else gets in the way of kindness, and it shows up in our aversion to being scorned. (192)
  • Those outside the church will never be won over by watching evangelicals clad in razor wire lobbing accusations at each other or at the secular culture. (196)
  • Life in Christ is less about our results and more about our character. (198)
  • If we are not opening our homes for others to come, and if we are not accepting offers when others open theirs, we will be increasingly isolated without much opportunity to be the aroma of Christ. (205)

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