Smile More Part Two


Last week I wrote about “Talk less. Smile more.” Maybe this is just as important: Smile more. Worry Less. I wish that I could give everyone I know and love the gift of a worry-free life. While my life isn’t worry free, it’s nearly so, only because of the gift of these instructions.

  • Choose to be anxious for nothing.
  • Instead approach God with your needs and with your thanks.
  • Then let him give you peace even when peace doesn’t seem to make sense.

Try it. It works. But here’s the next step. Let it show. Smile.

When I was a teenager, there were posters and tee shirts that said, “Smile. It makes people wonder what you’ve been up to.” Years later, I taught my kids a song that said, “If you’re happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it.” Even though I’m usually worry free and very often happy, I can get so lost in thought, so caught up in my own world of to do’s, that I forget to give those around me the simple gift of my smile. And what a gift it can be, even to those we don’t know are watching!

One of my first pastors has a wife who knows how to give the gift of a smile. I remember watching her smile at her husband throughout every service, (even when it was the second service of the day, and I knew she had already heard that sermon once already.) She was great at sharing that smile with those around her. I want to be like Ann. I want my face to say, “I am at peace. If you aren’t, ask me how you can get that way.”

I’ve been around long enough to see “Annie” filmed twice. The songs from that show run through my mind with little provocation, in particular the one that says, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” I’m not asking you to be fake. The world needs more transparency. But when you are happy and you know it, won’t join me in donning a smile. Perhaps it will do great good for you and for those who catch a glimmer of your joy!


5 thoughts on “Smile More Part Two

  1. Hi Brenda – I love the opening line “smile. Ore and talk less” and even before I enjoyed the rest of the post Jews reminded of “in the multitude of words sin is not lacking”
    Anyhow – great points you raised and studies have shown again and again that a smile can lead to more positive feelings and improved affect!
    The old pencil study and many more confirm that when we force a smile or bring one about intentionally it has positive outcomes – sometimes when I see someone feeling down I will remind them of his and I get them to smile to them see that their mood improves –
    And lastly – I like how your billeted list is actually bible verses –
    Give all the cares and worry to god and let your requests be made known with thanksgiving and that the peace of god – which surpasses all understanding will….
    Well have a great week and um- smile 😊✌🏼️

  2. Experiencing and expressing joy are incredibly difficult for me.Might be my grumpy, suspicious New York upbringing. At the same time, that same dark experience taught me about the fallen condition of man and our depraved natures Thanks for the post.

    • Thanks for commenting, Will. I have a hunch you’ve got what it takes to smile past the NY grumpies. Even saddened by the depravity of man, we have plenty to smile about!

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