Pennies or Heaven

sunshine unsplashed

I’ve heard two great sermons lately. Okay, I’ve heard more than two, but there are two I’d like to tell you about. They fit together well. Here’s the short version of the second one first:

We have the hope of heaven!!! (March 2016 Austin Stone) In other words, no matter what is happening right now, we can look ahead into an amazing future, one worthy of great rejoicing even on the days when our present day is full of the muck that life can bring.

We need to drop our pennies!!! (March 2016 NorthWest Bible Church) Let me tell you what I mean. A few weeks ago, my pastor said, “You can let a penny block out the sun.” Huh? Here’s how.

  • Grab a penny.
  • Go outside on a sunny day.
  • Hold the penny up close to your eye in just the right spot, and it will obscure that fiery ball.

Yes, the sun will still be there. Yes, there will still be light. But you will not be able to see the sun itself.

We sometime do that with our troubles. Both our hard times and our joyous times ought to draw us to the Lord who loves us. But do they? Sometimes. Sometimes not. In every circumstance, we can focus on God, responding with prayer and praise, or we can zero in on our circumstances alone, keeping our eyes firmly fixed on only the difficulty at hand, drawing it ever closer to our eyes. When we do that, we are letting our pennies block out the sun, the light and power of God’s presence. Yes, he’s still there. But we manage to nearly forget about him in our shortsighted obsession with our problems.

What pennies are we holding today? What brilliant sunshine are we missing? It’s time to drop our pennies and take a good long look at the sun, the son, the God who is always enough.


What are your thoughts?

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