A String of Protection


My son will be a father soon. No matter where you are in life, I suppose you can imagine what great emotion wells up within me as I type those words. As I look forward to the months and years ahead, I find myself looking back as well, back to when Tony was young and God wrapped him in supernatural protection over and over again.

I have known the Lord long enough to realize he protected Tony many times when I never even caught scent of the danger that was present. But here are a few times I saw God’s loving hand covering my son.

  • Before Tony was born, he was diagnosed with a heart condition which, by the time of his birth, had been completely healed. You can read about that here.
  • Before Tony could walk, he had a favorite playing spot in our Dallas kitchen. He liked to pull out pots and plastic bowls from the drawer beneath my oven. This was very convenient for me, because I spent plenty of time in that kitchen, and it was great to have my little one occupied. One night, after Tony was fast asleep, I heard a loud crash. I rushed into the kitchen and found that a heavy glass blender had fallen from the cabinet above the oven, smashing to bits in the spot where, had it been a different time of day, Tony might well have been playing. I swept up those shards with a heart of thanksgiving.
  • Before Tony could talk, we were all outside in the front yard of our Houston home. It’s funny how details sometimes stick in our brains. I can see him now in red stripped overalls, a long sleeved shirt, shoes and socks. I was sitting in the driveway when he toddled up and somehow, wordlessly, let me know that something was bothering his toe. I reached for him and saw, to my horror, that his back was covered with fire ants from knee to neck. They were just about to reach the top of his shirt. We stripped him, swiping the bugs from his body. He escaped the whole ordeal with just one bite—on his toe. How that one ever got there, I will never know.
  • Tony has a tiny scar on one finger. Before he was old enough to go to school, I had a muffin business. He was with me there one day and, foolishly, I allowed him into the production area. He walked right toward the open oven and, much too quickly for me to stop him, was headed for a bad burn on the side of his face or down his arm. He redirected just in time. All that’s left of that could-have-been-awful day is a tiny scar.

Parenting is full of moments when we hold our breath, trying not to worry about the unseen dangers ahead. We cannot protect our children from all things hard and dangerous. And, undoubtedly, God will allow into their lives some hardships which we would never choose for them. Still he loves our children even more than we do, and he will, HE WILL, protect them as needed.

When I am rocking my grandson, I will sing to him about God’s faithfulness. May you sing about his faithfulness in your heart today!


4 thoughts on “A String of Protection

  1. Beautiful! I’m so happy for you that you’ll soon be a grandma! What a wonderful blessing for y’all! Fun times ahead for the Koinis clan!

    ❤️ Mary “May God himself, the God who makes everything holy and whole, make you holy and whole, put you together—spirit, soul, and body—and keep you fit for the coming of our Master, Jesus Christ.” ‭‭ 1 Thess. 5:23 MSG

    • Thanks, Mary, and thanks for checking on me in the midst of the flood. We still have a lake instead of a back yard, but the water level is beginning to go down, and our home is still high and dry.

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