The Trumpet


Have you ever blown your own horn? You know, slipped an extra “let me tell you how cool I am” comment into a casual conversation? Dropped name or two? Described a few particularly shining accomplishments? I have, and I always feel like a heel afterwards. Pride of that sort has no place in life of a believer.

Recently, I managed to keep my trumpet silent. Let me see if I can tell you about the situation—and what it taught me—without sounding a single note.

I have a good friend who wrote a great book about a wonderful way she helped change the world. I loved it. About midway through the book, she told about an unnamed person who passed along an important piece of information, something pivotal to her future efforts. I’m pretty sure I was that person, and for a moment I was pretty proud of that fact. But then reality (and the Holy Spirit) flooded my mind with this simple fact: God allowed me to learn that piece of information. Then he put me in the right place to share it with my friend. And he could just as easily have chosen someone else for the task.

A trumpet sitting on a shelf doesn’t make a single sound of its own accord. Majestic tunes issue forth only when a master musician picks up the instrument and begins to play. You and I are trumpets. Our music is a joyful gift from the King of Kings.

When the Lord chooses to use us, great things are done. Sometimes they look great right away. Much of what we do each day won’t seem all that important until we look back on it from the other side of heaven. But all the greatness comes from God. We are simply his instruments. We can make ourselves willing. We can stay in tune with him. But all the music is still his.

For a musical reminder of all our Lord does, Google “The Touch of the Master’s Hand” or check out Wayne Watson’s beautiful rendition on YouTube:



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