Everlasting Education


By now you may have read several “guest blog” posts by my mom. I’d like to give you a little background info on those today. For thirteen years my parents provided the devotional for Between Jobs Ministries at NorthWest Bible Church. Mom would work on her talk during the week, then rise very early every Wednesday morning to practice and polish her words. Dad was in charge of typing up her speaking notes and preparing the handout.

Oh, those handouts! Each week Dad would print out hundreds of tag board cards that reinforced Mom’s key points and backed them up with Bible verses. Then, together, my parents would attach some little item that related to the devotional—a coin, a rock, maybe a piece of candy or a small length of yarn. They added a new dimension to the phrase “object lesson.” I’ve been told that people still carry some of those cards around in pockets and purses as a reminder of the truths they learned at Between Jobs.

My parents have retired from Between Jobs Ministry, but their devotional notes remain. I’m editing them, so one day you may have the opportunity to read them all. In the meantime, though, I am asking myself this question: Am I encouraging those around me with a steady stream of Bible truths? My parents poured much of their lives into sharing the beautiful, life-changing promises of the Bible with those around them. Make no mistake, this didn’t happen only on Wednesday mornings, nor has it ceased to happen now that they are retired. Just yesterday, I was at the beach with my mom. She introduced me to the man who was putting away beach umbrellas with an enthusiastic, “He’s a Christian!” How did she know? Obviously, she had managed, in a few short minutes on the beach, to talk about Jesus with this man. She’s done the same with grocery store clerks, front desk managers, neighbors…and me.

My parents talked about the Lord as they raised my brother and sister and me. When we lost something, they prayed with us to find it. When we were disappointed, they reminded us that God’s plan sometimes differs from our own. When life brought delights, we knew Whom to thank. And we never chalked “coincidental blessings” up to fate. Mom and Dad taught us that God is on his throne and active in our lives, that we have a Savior forever who is also Lord today.

Do I do that? Do you? Do we let the way we walk through everyday life exude the love of Jesus? Do we show our world the peace that passes understanding? Are we quick to praise God for the good things in our lives and to rely on him as we walk through the hard things? And when given the chance, do we teach those around us what we have learned about the Lord? I hope so. And I hope we get better at it every day, from right now until far beyond retirement

If you’re inclined to comment this week, why not describe a time when someone stepped into your life and taught you an important Biblical truth? I’d love to hear all about it.


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