Pumpkin Carving with a Twist


I read this in, of all places, a Forbes Magazine article last October (and I’ve been saving it for you until now!)

News flash! Carving a pumpkin from the bottom affords a host of advantages.

  • The seeds are far more easily removed.
  • The stem becomes a convenient handle for carrying your artistic results.
  • Set the finished product on top of a candle and voila! Instant luminaria!

What could information like that possibly have to do with trusting the Lord? Simply this: Quite often God’s ways look backwards and upside down to us, even though they are precisely right and true and best for us.

Today, as I write this, I’m in the middle of a host of trivial yet frustrating “not what I had planned” scenarios.

  • I’m at the beach, but it’s cold and rainy. (Approximate wind speed 16 miles per hour.)
  • We invited a guest, but she had to cancel last minute.
  • I could use the rest, but our accommodations are filled with fumes from a recent paint job. They make my head pound.
  • So I schlepped my gear to a local coffee shop to catch up on things but, unlike my table companion, I have virtually no internet connection no matter how many times I hit the restart button.

However, all of those unplanned and somewhat disappointing items are the reason that I’m writing. I love writing, but all too often let all the other details of life come before putting my thoughts down on paper (uh, not paper these days, but you know what I mean.) And so, all those “disappointments” have led me to precisely what I really need to do right now. Today isn’t really as upside down as it looks.

Is your life upside down today? Perhaps if you ask the Lord to do so, he will show you why. Maybe things are better this way than your way. And if you find that is indeed the case, won’t you take a moment to share with us in the comments section how your upside down day turned out to be right side up?


What are your thoughts?

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