What Color Is Your Tongue?

jaw breaker candy a-450345_640

(Guest Blogger: Beth Smith)

When I was a kid, jawbreakers were made of layers and layers of different colors. As we sucked on them, we would open our mouths, stick out our tongues and ask, “What color is my tongue now?”

Today, I want to suggest that our tongues often do need to change…not their color but the way we use them, what we say about ourselves and about our circumstances. Everything we do is essentially a product of what we believe. And what we believe about ourselves and our circumstances is what our tongues will say. If we believe God and his Word, we will live and speak accordingly.

Too often, we limit ourselves by our thoughts and our words. We fail to accept ourselves for who God says we are in Christ.

What do you say about yourself to yourself? We might as well admit it. We call ourselves awful things sometimes. We’d never let other people talk to us the way we talk to ourselves. That’s called our “inner dialog.” Even Dr. Phil talks about it. He says that in order to change a negative inner dialogue to a positive one, we must first ask ourselves, “Is what we’re saying true, really true?”

My question today is this, “Do we believe the Bible is true?” If so, we can change the color of our tongues, not with candy, but with God’s Word. Here’s just a sample of what God says about us:

  • We are children of God. (John 1:12)
  • We are members of Christ’s body. (1 Corinthians 12:27)
  • We are forgiven. (Colossians 2:13-14)
  • We serve a God who will take care of all our needs. (Philippians 4:19)
  • We have all the wisdom we need when we ask God for it. (James 1:5)
  • We are never alone. (Hebrews 13:5)

Want to read more? Check out a great book called Victory over the Darkness by Neil T. Anderson. As you discover more about what God has to say regarding who we are, I hope you’ll post your findings here or on Facebook. We can all learn so much from each other.


One thought on “What Color Is Your Tongue?

  1. I believe it was in reading Victory over the Darkness many years ago that I first became aware of the negative self talk that was non-stop in my mind. Learning who I am in Christ was a first step in the ongoing process of renewing my mind with God’s thoughts about me. As I counsel with people we speak often of renewing our minds in order to transform our hearts. “Out of the heart the mouth speaks” and “can both blessing and cursing come from the same source?” So here’s to many color changes as we believe and speak the truth of who we are in Christ!

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