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gummy candy

I just got back from the dentist. Two fillings done today, the first in many, many years. Last month, when they found the cavities, the dentist commented on the fact that I haven’t had any cavities in years and don’t have any history of cavities between my molars. He considered it a mystery. I did too until I came home, popped my daily gummy vitamins, and realized I almost always chew them on the same side, right where those new cavities appeared. I’m not saying those delicious vitamins absolutely must have been the cause of my new cavities, but I’m suspicious enough to have pitched the bottle and bought the old, boring capsule type.

Since I told you how great I thought gummy vitamins were, I thought you should know the other side of the coin. I suppose I could create a whole blog on unintended consequences or on self-deception. (I knew how much sugar those vitamin-infused gumdrops contained. Who was I kidding?) But let’s just leave it at this: If you choose to enjoy gummy vitamins, do so carefully!


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