An Audience to the Miraculous

bradbury miracle

I heard Ray Bradbury say in an interview, “We are here to be an audience to the miraculous.” One might argue that we are here for a lot of other reasons as well, but surely being an audience to God’s mighty works must bring him glory. Today I’m asking you to think about times when you have seen the miraculous and to share what you’ve seen. Tell somebody! And if you are at all inclined, tell me. Find me on Facebook and send me a message. Comment on this blog. Contact me by email or phone. But tell me about a miracle. We can bring so much encouragement to each other by pointing out both the big and small ways the Lord has intervened in our lives.

I’ll go first. The writers’ conference I described last week was jam-packed with opportunities—to learn, to meet agents and editors and fellow writers, to think more about what my future should hold with regard to the written word. It was also full of perfectly timed moments that I never could have orchestrated. Let me tell you about one in particular.

I wanted to meet a certain editor to see if he might be interested in some of my work. Let’s call him Jim. That night, I decided to try to sit at his table at dinner. (That’s the main way networking is supposed to happen at this conference of over 200. Each table has a sign announcing which VIP will be sitting there, and the rest of us snag seats according to our networking plans.) When I walked into the dining room, I was a bit disappointed by the fact that the tables were not yet labeled. With no other option, I got my food and sat down. As I began to eat, I noticed that there was one seat empty next to me. But not for long. Moments later, as if on cue, Jim sat down.

Do you have a “Jim sat down” sort of miracle to share? A moment of perfect timing? A word of encouragement spoken to you just when you needed it? Or even a miracle of grander proportion? I hope you’ll let me know. And may we ever be an attentive audience to the miraculous!


2 thoughts on “An Audience to the Miraculous

  1. I love how God choses to drop these random little blessings in our lives when we least expect it, thanks for sharing your story! I’ve had a few ‘Jim sat down’ occasions, they never fail to surprise me!

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