Gummy Vitamins

gummy candy

I have very smart kids. Not long ago one of them convinced me to switch from my traditional slug-‘em-down-with-a-gulp-of-water vitamins to the chew-‘em-up-and-they-taste-like-candy variety. Guess what? I never forget to take my daily dose anymore. In fact, I have to resist the temptation to over consume.

August 31, 2015.  Ok, wait a minute. While the rest of the blog below is still valid, I just got back from the dentist. Two fillings done today. First in many, many years. Last month, when they found the cavities, the dentist commented on the fact that I haven’t had any cavities in years and don’t have any history of cavities between my molars. He considered it a mystery. I did too until I came home, popped my daily gummy vitamins, and realized I almost always chew them on the same side, right where those new cavities appeared. I’m not saying those delicious vitamins absolutely must have been the cause of my new cavities, but I’m suspicious enough that I pitched the bottle and bought the old, boring capsule type. Since I told you how great I thought gummy vitamins were, I thought you should know the other side of the coin.

I’ve written before about trying to make it easier to actually accomplish that which we intend to do. Today, though, my question is:

How do you make doing what you ought to do actually more fun?

  • I exercise to music or a movie. That helps.
  • I used to sing Bible verses to my toddlers. I think that helped as well.
  • I put a little parmesan cheese on plain veggies and sometimes squirt a little Reddi-wip on my fruit.
  • Prayer? I know there’s value in being on my knees, but sometimes I like to pray while taking a walk or snuggling with Steve.
  • Scripture memorization? This is still a tough one for me. I hope you will share your ideas here. I love having the word of God hidden in my heart, but I find that I’m forever putting off the actual process of hiding it there.
  • Maintaining an attitude of gratitude and praise? Pandora worship stations are my friend!
  • Becoming a listening ear to those who need it? When my listening is combined with a long walk (or a savored cup of good tea with milk), I enjoy both more.

Body, mind and spirit. They all belong to our Lord, who entrusts their care to us. Let me know your tips for being a good steward of those gifts. And, as further encouragement to make health a habit, please consider reading this article by Janet Kobobel Grant. I think it will surprise you, challenge you and help you take even better care of yourself.


What are your thoughts?

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