Waiting for Chocolate


I am an Amazon Prime member. I’ve gotten used to “nearly instant everything”. If my brother mentions a book on Monday, I can be reading it by Wednesday without even darkening the door of a bookstore. (Or I can have it on my Kindle in about six seconds.) If my Ove glove finally needs replacing, no problem. One click takes care of everything.

Recently, though, I ran out of my favorite kind of chocolate. Amazon didn’t have what I wanted at a price I was willing to pay, so I went rogue and ordered from (gasp!) a competitor. One where there is no prime. One where my chocolate is evidently coming by mule train, because I still don’t have it.

Nobody needs chocolate. I will be just fine waiting for my Lily’s stevia sweetened chocolate chips. But God tends to use the ordinary things in life to nudge me in the right direction. Here is what that slow chocolate is teaching me:

Shortly after I ordered my chocolate chips, I started to keep an eye out for them. A few days later, “keeping an eye out” somehow wasn’t enough. I checked my front porch morning, noon and night. When I came home from an errand, I drove past the house to check the porch before turning around and pulling into my driveway. When I left town, I left instructions for a young neighbor to be sure to watch for packages.

One day, as I was walking back into the house, still chocolate-less, this question popped into my mind. “Do I watch for Jesus as fervently as I’m watching for my candy? Do I listen for his still small voice as intently as I seek my own pleasure?” Hmmm.

Matthew 24 tells us to keep watch for the Lord and to live every day as if he’s coming back soon. Our Lord, his promises and his instructions, are to be ever foremost in our minds, always framing our thoughts and actions. We are better off when we remember to keep an eye out for the lessons he wants to teach us, the good works he wants us to do, the people he wants us to bless, the places he would have us praise him…

And so, waiting for chocolate has brought me to a deeper desire to wait on the Lord. Who would have guessed?

What has God taught you this week through the everyday quirks of life? I’d love to know, so feel free to share in the comments section or on Facebook.


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