Never Trust a Stranger


I like to smile at babies. Often, as I pass a drowsy toddler in a stroller, I’ll look in those precious eyes and smile, hoping to be rewarded with a delightful baby grin. It usually works! I only do that with tiny tots, though. The older ones have already been taught the same lesson most of us instilled in our own children: Don’t talk to strangers. It’s a reasonable rule in this uncertain world, but leads to another problem: If we don’t know God, then he is a stranger. And if he is a stranger, something deep inside us may be saying, “No, don’t trust him!”

Our only option, if we wish to trust the Lord deeply, is to get to know him.

When I Googled the question, “Who is God?” almost one billion sites came up for review, many with conflicting descriptions. Clearly that’s not going to help. We’re better off getting to know him by reading what he says about himself, learning from his words what sort of relationship he wants to have with each of us. The more we read the Bible, and put to test the words we find there, the more natural our love and trust in him will become.

The character of God displayed in the Old and New Testament is still his character today. His promises are still valid, his power still limitless and his love still extravagant. If we come to know the God of the Bible, then we also know the God of today. Once we become well acquainted with his character, his strength, and his trustworthiness, we will find that trusting him is much more natural.

I often read the Bible to learn what I ought to do. But today I will read, in part, simply to get to know my loving Lord in a deeper and more personal way. Won’t you join me? And as you find a favorite passage that gives insight into his character, I hope you’ll share it in the comments section.

Have a great week! (And thanks for the photo, Trisha!)


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