The Agenda


It happened again. I went to bed Friday night with a host of “to do” items in my mind. Some involved rest, others work or play. But I had a terrific Saturday all planned out.

You’d think by now I’d have this proverb fully implanted in my brain: Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. But no, I went to bed Friday night fully convinced that my plan was perfect and that I would get my way.


At seven the next morning the phone rang. Someone needed us, and we were out of the house by eight. The day was filled with activity until I dropped into bed again at nearly midnight. The crisis was not dire. The assistance required was even pleasant to give. But I did not get my way. Not one single item on my carefully planned agenda came to fruition.

I’d like to say I made the adjustment with grace. All who saw me (except my husband) would have thought so. But inwardly I fumed. Then God showed me his loving sense of humor. A short break in the day allowed for a quick workout. (I was hoping it would help me get rid of some of my frustration.) Hmmm. Here’s how it went.

  • Try to go for a run: Nope. It’s raining.
  • Try to get on the treadmill and watch a video on my Kindle. Nope. The Kindle isn’t available.
  • Try to get on the treadmill and continue my re-watching of Lord of the Rings. Nope. The DVD won’t play.

OK, then. I’ll try to watch a sermon on my laptop while I run on the treadmill. Bingo.

Sermon (by Dan Slagle) title: Purpose

Sermon’s main point: “How it is God chooses to use us is not what matters. In the end what matters is whether we have surrendered ourselves to the place that we are willing to be used for whatever he may choose.”

I knew those words by heart, but certainly wasn’t taking them to heart. God gave me a pointed reminder just when I needed it. So for now, I’ve learned my lesson once again: His plans are the only ones that matter.


What are your thoughts?

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