While You Were Preaching…


Pastor Appreciation Sunday comes every October, but pastors deserve our appreciation all the time. If you are a pastor, I respectfully request that you stop reading here and “tune in again next week”.

If you aren’t a pastor, but you have a pastor, let me suggest a way for you to

Focus on your pastor’s sermons.

Remember your pastor’s sermons.

Thank your pastor for all those sermons.

Begin this week to look for one key quote or statement in every sermon. Jot it down on a scrap of paper, a 3×5 card or a corner of your bulletin. Collect those quotes in a box or envelope for a year. (Or if you’re really organized, start a notebook.) After a year or so, compile those quotes into one document—typed, handwritten, book form, a couple of sheets… whatever your creative soul desires, and slip it under his door with a note of appreciation. Too daunting a task to tackle on your own? Consider doing it as a group project with several of your fellow parishioners. This is a great way to let your hard-working shepherd know that

While you were preaching, we were listening!

Here are a few excerpts from the first year that my church enjoyed the sermons of John Wayland:

  • Don’t trust in your talents, but trust in “Thus saith the Lord.”
  • Give your L.I.F.E* away…*Labor, Influence, Finances, Expertise
  • He did not save us just to give us a dwelling place in Heaven. He saved us to make a difference.
  • It’s all about God’s power and presence and purpose in our lives.
  • Walk with Christ in such a way that His love gushes out of you like floodwaters.
  • Enjoy the kindness of the King!
  • He never promised it would be easy, but he promised Himself.
  • Don’t stop telling the kids about Jesus. Don’t let them think that following Jesus is easy, safe and comfortable.
  • The problem starts when Man tries to do it his way.
  • Slow down enough to become aware of the presence of God.
  • In right relationship with the Lord, we never have to panic.
  • God will give you an assignment that’s impossible, so that you will have to depend on Him.
  • The Lord has empowered us to be patient with people.
  • Live as if He’s coming back today.

Thanks, John. Today is “Former Pastor Appreciation Day” for me!


2 thoughts on “While You Were Preaching…

  1. Brenda, Enjoyed reading this and served as a great reminder of the inspiring, encouraging and challenging messages we were blessed to hear from John!

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