The Weather Report


Houston has been home for a long, long time now. I’m used to the extremes of hot and cold, storm and sun, that can blow through in a matter of hours, only to disappear the next day. They’re a part of life here, and very rarely do any significant damage.

The weather reports that are constantly broadcast on local channels here would have us believe otherwise. For example, yesterday was cool and drizzly. Last night I could hear tremendous rain and wind and thunder as I tried to sleep. This morning the sun is brilliant. The leaves are hardly moving in the whispered breeze.

Two days ago, though, the weather report was “heavy storms, possible tornados, pending doom.” Okay, the weathermen never said “pending doom,” but judging by the busy grocery store and fearful conversations around me, that’s the message they conveyed.

While I’m all for being informed and prepared, when did we all begin to fixate on the latest brewing storm of life, whether an actual wind-or-rain-or-sleet-or-snow storm or the metaphorical kind that stems from physical or political unrest? How many of us watch the news and weather reports over and over, never really gleaning any new or important information, only to have them slowly infuse us with fear?

We can’t blame the journalists. They’re doing their job, which is, of course, two-fold.

  • Report the news.
  • Keep viewers watching.

The responsibility for what rolls around in our brains likes squarely in our own laps. Once again I begin this day asking the Lord to keep me in perfect peace, helping me to think on what is right, true, lovely, honest and of good report. And at the same time I will try to remember, when the next storm comes, that it is He who makes the wind and rain.

“Worry weighs a person down; an encouraging word cheers a person up” (Proverbs 12:25 NLT).


What are your thoughts?

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