Wiggle Worms

sleeping baby

Have you ever tried to dress a squirming baby? Not an easy task! A dozen pounds of infant energy can nearly drive any one of us crazy. Whether the little wiggler is trying to help or hinder, all you really want that child to do is hold still, relax and let you do your job.

I sometimes wonder if that’s how the Lord feels as we go about life, insistent upon having our own way.

On the other hand, dressing a sleeping infant is a piece of cake. Easiest of all, perhaps, is the dressing of an obedient child, one who lets go of all control and acts according to our instructions. “Here dear, put your arm through this hole. Now put your head through here and pull this down…” Jesus asked us to become as little children, obeying his every direction, free from concern as to whether or not he’s chosen the right path for us. (Because, of course, he has.)

Christ’s words in Matthew 6:25 are quite explicit. “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear.”

Perhaps our daily prayer should be, “Lord, enable us to live this day so as to please you. Give us insight to discover your will. Guide us as to our every endeavor, our every choice. May each day, each hour, be one in which we consciously do your bidding and follow you wholly.” Or, said more simply, “Okay, God, it’s all yours. You can have my life and do whatever you want with it. You can have my health, my reputation, my possessions, my family, and everything else that concerns me. I’ll keep working, but I’m done worrying.”

If we yield to him in every situation, then the responsibility for every outcome is his. And he can handle it all just fine. The simplest life lived in devotion to Christ is filled with spiritual adventure, but it all comes back to surrender. Today is the day to start surrendering like a sleeping baby!


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