Perfect TIming


William Sanford Nye is, according to Wikipedia, “an American science educator.” But for five years during the nineties, he was Bill Nye the Science Guy and hosted a kids’ PBS science show of the same name. It was one of the few shows we watched on a regular basis. (Partly because PBS was one of the few channels we received, but that’s another story.)

Bill Nye was a significant celebrity to my kids. He was also part of a lesson on perfect timing. Here’s how the story goes:

We had gone to Disney World for a family reunion and were driving from our hotel to the park. It was a big day. Bill Nye was going to be appearing on stage at EPCOT. Although it seemed unlikely, I had prayed that we would somehow get to meet him face to face.

We were running late (for what, I don’t remember). On top of that we had taken a wrong turn. (GPS and Siri were still far in the future.) I don’t like to be late. I don’t like to be lost. Most of all, I don’t like the feeling of frustration that sometimes rises in me over things that aren’t important. I forget all too often that God is always in charge, wastes nothing and can use everything. He reminded me of those truths that day.

When we finally got to the parking lot, onto the trams and through the entrance gate, it happened. Bill Nye in the flesh. A quick hello, a handshake and he was gone, but we had seen him face to face. A small thing? Maybe, but it was the gracious answer to an unlikely prayer request. We were in just the right spot at just the right time, but only because we had run late and gotten lost.

Since then I’ve kept my eyes open for those times when what looks like messing up is really blessing up, moments when a delay has made the day. How about you. Have you encountered God’s perfect timing? Won’t you share through the comments section what you’ve experienced? It’s always uplifting to read about God’s intervention in the details of life!

When have you seen God’s perfect timing in your life?



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