Let Go of the Umbrella

We were in Ephesus. Our tour of the arena where Paul once spoke was moving. Exciting. Inspiring. (Getting lost on our way back to the cruise ship? Not so fun.)

And then the storm began. I had never been caught in wind so strong, and never have been since. The rain was just beginning and wasn’t much of a problem since we had our umbrellas, but oh, what wind! As we neared the ship, Tony, still small at the time, began to get dangerously close to the edge of the dock. His umbrella had become a sail, and it was pulling him toward the water with ever-increasing speed and strength. Finally, our shouts reached him. “Let go of the umbrella!” He released the umbrella, the wind released him, and we all made it, safely but shaken, back on board.

What do we do when life or wind or our fellowmen try to pull something from our hands? More often than not, we tighten our grip. Sometimes that is best. Don’t give up. Duke it out. But sometimes, the only reasonable choice is to let go of the umbrella that’s pulling us to disaster.

A friend of mine went fishing in Alaska recently. He and his son hooked salmon in the same river as more than one hungry bear. The guide told them, “There’s plenty of salmon. We can fish with the bears. BUT, if you and one of our furry friends end up going after the same salmon, cut your line.”

Sometimes when we want something that someone else has, it’s okay to ask for it. It might be our turn. But sometimes, the only reasonable choice is to cut the line that is tugging on what someone else already has and let it go.

Is there something that you know in your heart God wants you to surrender to him? Or maybe there’s something you really, really want, but you know it’s time to give up the struggle for it. What are you holding on to today that is pulling you toward disaster? Let go of the umbrella. Take no for an answer. Let God take you where he wants you to go. He has a better plan.

The quote below is at the bottom of every email I receive from a dear friend whose husband has been held in prison far longer than either of them ever expected. And every time I read it, I am reminded again of our Father’s love. I share it with you in closing, hoping it will encourage you as it does me:

“You’ll one day thank your Father for the things He denied or the things He postponed for your good. Relax, let your Father drive. You’ll love the destination.” Patience/Gospel.com


2 thoughts on “Let Go of the Umbrella

  1. Brenda – I love reading your posts! Your words and perspective always lift me up. Ephesus – I don’t know if words can ever adequately describe that place.
    My best wishes and love to you and Steve.

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