What Worry’s Not: Logical

oil and water
Trust and worry are as incompatible as oil and water. They just don’t mix. Stop trusting, though, and worry quickly takes center stage.

Perhaps you’ve heard a fearful lack of trust excused by this statement, “I only believe in what I can see and touch.” That’s not really true, is it? Otherwise, every time we opened newspapers or magazines, we would have to lay them back down, saying, “I can’t trust a word of this. I won’t believe the people I just read about exist, because I’ve never seen them, or that the country I just read about exists, since I’ve never been there.” How silly!

We all, many times a day, take men and women at their word without seeing or touching their proof. Why should we believe man’s assertions and not believe God’s? While we commit our precious earthly interests to our weak and failing fellowmen, should we hesitate to trust the Savior who laid down his life for us?

We’ve all left important affairs to friends and coworkers plenty of times, feeling at ease because of our confidence in their expertise. In fact, we depend on other people to accomplish tasks for us on a regular basis, leaving our interests in their hands each time we eat in a restaurant, hire a babysitter, hail a cab, or board a plane. We couldn’t live normal lives without some measure of faith in other people, and people fail.

Faith is a matter of believing what God says. He always keeps his word. When believers truly rely on the Lord with regard to some matter, they cease to worry about it. We entrust the management of the universe and of all outward creation to the Lord God Almighty. Can the challenges of our daily lives be so much more difficult than that?

Ah, but we feel afraid. Emotions are so unreliable. We would never choose where to exit the freeway based on how we feel, or sit down to pay our bills and try to sense whether or not we have enough money in the bank. We rely on what we know, not what we feel, to guide us in our day-to-day affairs. Why should our spiritual lives be any different? Our loving God is in control. He has told us so, and that is enough. I love this simple story about Martin Luther.

The devil, seeking to discourage him, asked, “Luther, do you feel that you are a child of God?”
Luther replied, “No, I do not feel it at all, but I know it. Get thee behind me, Satan.’”

Regardless of your feelings, go with what you know. What you know is that God is in control. Therefore, worry is not logical at all.


Inspired by the writings of Hannah Whitall Smith


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