Topsy Turvy


Do you know anyone whose home is always neat and organized and comfortable? A place for everything and everything in its place? Suppose you went to visit that friend one day and found the house in disarray—furniture in odd spots, piles on the counters, boxes all around and carpets pulled back, would you be upset at finding those rooms in shambles? Maybe. More likely, your thoughts would run along the lines of curiosity. “What’s going on here? What’s the plan? I know my friend is a good housekeeper, so this state of topsy- turvy must be part of some grand renovation. I bet this place is going to look even better than before.”

In the same manner, we can trust God’s housekeeping. At times things may look all out of whack to us, in formidable disarray, when in fact the mess we see is necessary to bring about a far better plan. Sometimes our current situation may even look like a big mistake. We think we could have done God’s work better than he has done it himself. (A foolish thought, but we entertain it nonetheless.) Where is our faith? When the world seemed to be going all wrong, Hannah Whitall Smith, would say, “It is not my housekeeping, but it is the Lord’s; and the Lord is good, therefore his housekeeping must be good too; and it is foolish for me to [worry].”

How’s your life looking these days? Messy or neat, you can trust it to the Lord!





What are your thoughts?

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