Coast or Be Toast

14Are you getting enough rest, or have you put that very important element of self-care into a bin marked “impossible”?  We live in a world where many of us wear “Busy” as a badge. It gives us a false sense of control or importance. Why do we buy the lie that a productive life must be a frenzied life?

God didn’t call many of us to a lifelong state of exhaustion. We all go through seasons of crisis or overload. If there’s a break in the action, though, we’re often tempted to rush in to fill every moment to capacity. When a long distance bicycler coasts down a hill, that brief rest is preparation for the next climb. A break in your schedule may be exactly what you need in order to be ready for the unseen challenge waiting just around the corner. Sometimes we even need to create breaks in our schedules by simply saying “No.”

  •   “No” to the social rat race.  Maybe it’s time to take a sabbatical from your outside activities. Skip it all, just for a while. Then add back gradually.
  •  “No” to frequent phone interruptions. Learn to screen your calls.
  •  “No” to church (yes, really, though not often), when you need rest more than worship. I’m not talking about staying home to wash the car.
  • “No” to sleep deprivation. Try going to bed an hour earlier than usual for 3 nights in a row. So what if you miss the nightly news?
  • “No” to a daily newspaper. You’ll manage to hear what you really need to know.
  • “No” to most catalogs. Pitch ‘em. They eat time and create new “needs”.
  • “No” to frequent grocery runs. Limit yourself to one trip a week. (Yes, you can!) Plan. Stock up. Do without. Your rest is more important than a perfect menu.
  • “No” to clutter. Spend 10 minutes straightening and decluttering every day. Then it won’t get the best of you.

Eight suggestions. Maybe a few of them will work for you.

What else do you do to build breaks into your life?

“It is useless for you to work so hard from early morning until late at night, anxiously working for food to eat; for God gives rest to his loved ones” (Psalm 127:2 New Living Translation).

Coast or be toast! When life slows down for a time, relax a bit and enjoy it. Be assured, the hustle bustle will come again. You may need today’s break to get ready for tomorrow’s challenge.


What are your thoughts?

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