The Clouds Reflect His Glory

IMG_2229Have you ever seen a truly spectacular sunrise? Not just a regular “here comes the glorious ball,” but one of those “tears in your eyes-what a mighty God we serve” kind of sunrise? What brought on the beauty? Color, right? Every imaginable hue of yellow, orange, and red, streaming through the … that’s right, the clouds. While the sun itself was too bright to watch, the clouds became the canvas on which the fire painted streaks of splendor.

Have you ever had a truly overwhelming problem? Not just a regular “What’ll I do about this?” difficulty, but one of those “I don’t know how I’ll ever get through this” whoppers of a problem? How did you feel when it was finally resolved? Exhilarated? Joyful? Relieved? And did those emotions eventually fade away like just another sunrise?

In a spectacular sunrise, the clouds reflect God’s glory. In our lives it’s often the clouds-the problems-that reflect His glory as well. Our Lord is the ultimate problem solver. He delights in caring for us. But sometimes we have to wait for our problems to be worked out, just like we have to wait through the night (or through a stretch of stormy days) to see the sunrise. (Note that the sun is still there even when we can’t see it.)

Are you facing a problem or a decision right now? Are you “all balled up” about it? Step away for a moment, and think back to your last “doozy.” (We’ve all had them.) Reminisce for a moment about the many problems that have been solved, the decisions that are behind you now, the pains that did ease, and the fears that were unfounded after all. God does not change or go away. His love for you is still endless. He will still come through. The problem you are facing now is not the one that will finally stump Him.

Wait. Fast. Pray. Trust in His goodness. Promise yourself that when this is over and life is back to “normal”, you will remember the sunrise that eventually came.In the meantime, let your clouds reflect His glory.



6 thoughts on “The Clouds Reflect His Glory

  1. I can certainly testify to God’s faithfulness and goodness no matter what you are walking through. My problems never even caused Him to blink. He had the solutions to them before I was even born. What a great God we serve!

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