The Parking Attendant

IMG_2180My little girl wasn’t even a year old yet. She and I had just finished the week’s grocery shopping. (As I recall, that meant I tried to put things in the basket faster than she could toss them out.) I loaded our sacks into the trunk, strapped Elizabeth into her car seat, tossed my purse in the back, shut the door and PANICKED. My keys were in that purse, my baby was in that car, and I had locked myself out.

  • It was August in Dallas. (So it was hot and getting hotter.)
  • Steve was out of town on business. (So there would be no husband to the rescue.)
  • We were new in town. (So I didn’t know many people yet and had no idea who could help me.)
  • It was the 80’s. (So forget about a cell phone.)

I stood by my car in that parking lot wondering what in the world I would do. I flagged down a store employee as he collected stray grocery baskets, in hopes that my old Chevy was one of those cars that could be opened with a coat hanger. No dice. I began to pray, hard.

Then something very unusual happened. An older man with a kind face approached me and asked what my trouble was. He said something like, “Well, Old Joe here used to be a car salesman. Let me see what I can do.” He pulled out the biggest ring of keys I’d ever seen, looked me in the eye and said, “Say a prayer.” Then he chose a key, unlocked my car and walked away.

Stunned? Yes!

Grateful? Beyond words! And convinced once again that our Lord is ever present, ever caring, and ever able to answer our prayers.

May you see God work in miraculous ways in your life this year. And when you do, I hope you’ll share your experiences in the comments section of this blog.

Happy New Year !


4 thoughts on “The Parking Attendant

  1. Brenda – I love your blog posts! They are always so thoughtful, reflective and faith filled. Debbie and I both miss you guys. We wish you, Steve and the family all the best going into 2014.
    Love – Joe and Debbie

  2. Only God! Love it! Happy New Year, dear friend. May you and yours prosper under the TLC from Father this coming year. Love you, Mary


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