Cookies from Heaven

IMG_1580“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication let your requests be known…” I tend to focus on the first part: be anxious for nothing. But that doesn’t work without the second part: in everything, let your requests be known. Really? Does God want to know my requests in everything? Absolutely! And not long ago I had a most unusual need. I needed a cookie.

I’m a bit of a health nut, so one of my personal mandates is to eat as few cookies as possible. Monday night, however, found me at the gym running for the first time after a long bout of recovery from a knee injury. Steve was downstairs playing racquetball. We’d gotten to the gym a little later than I’d plan and, simply put, I was out of energy and in need of food.

There were vending machines, but I hadn’t brought any money. My gym bag was close by, but I hadn’t stashed any food inside. I could go ask Steve to cut his game short and take me home, but that didn’t sound good either. So I prayed for food.

As I headed downstairs, I imagined finding a couple of packets of sugar at the coffee bar and downing those. Ugh. Or maybe I would sheepishly borrow a couple of hard candies from the secretary’s desk even though she had left for the day. Embarrassing. Then again, I had prayed, so maybe…

As I entered the lounge area, an abandoned stack of 100 calorie bags of fudge striped grahams caught my eye. Absolutely perfect. A little fat. A little sugar. A lot of taste. I downed one bag and was back on the track in no time, mulling over this question: if God will give me cookies from heaven when I need them, shouldn’t I figure he’ll take care of every crisis that comes my way? All I have to do is ask.


What are your thoughts?

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