But Then There Is God (From HWS)


“I once poured out my troubles to another Christian, who answered me by saying, ‘Yes, all you say may be very true, but then, in spite of it all, there is God.’

‘But,’ I continued, ‘surely you did not understand how big my problems are.’

‘Oh, yes, I did,’ replied my friend, ‘but then, as I tell you, there is God.’ Her answer was disappointing, completely unsatisfactory. I knew God was there, of course, but I felt I needed something more. I came to the conclusion that my friend, for all her great reputation as a spiritual mentor, was simply unable to grasp my particular situation.

Because my need was so great, I went to my friend again and again, always hoping that she would eventually understand the importance of my difficulties and give me adequate help. It was of no avail. I never received any other answer but the simple reply, with an air of entirely dismissing the subject, ‘Yes, I know; but there is God.’

At last, by dint of her continual repetition, I became convinced that my friend really and truly believed the mere fact of the existence of God, as the Creator and Redeemer of mankind, and of me as a member of the race, was an all-sufficient answer to every possible need of His creatures. Because she said it so often and seemed so sure, I began to consider whether, after all, God might not be enough, even for my overwhelming need. At last my eyes were opened to the fact of the absolute and utter all-sufficiency of God.

My troubles faded, and I did nothing but wonder how I could ever have been such an idiot as to be troubled by them, when all the while there was God, the almighty and all-seeing God, the God who had created me, and was therefore on my side, and eager to care for me and help me. I had found out that God was enough, and my soul was at rest.

God is, must be our answer to every question and every cry of need. There is no lack in Him.” —Hannah W. Smith, Living in the Sunshine (New York: Fleming H. Revell, 1906), 246-249, edited for the contemporary reader.


One thought on “But Then There Is God (From HWS)

  1. Hi Brenda: I don’t know if you get letters from Susan Vinton but this post reminded me of what she said yesterday in her letter: “And yet I have now come to see that God has placed us precisely where He wanted us to be at this point in history. Sometimes I marvel at it all weve always had just enough money, just enough time, and hopefully even just enough wisdom to handle things.” And He is enough. Isn’t He so good to us?

    Love, Mary

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