The Final Three

45Just a few more points and you’ll know all the rules that were posted in my kitchen for a decade. (Okay, maybe a decade and a half.)

Don’t Hit. That’s pretty straightforward. Don’t hit anyone, and don’t let your kids hit anyone. We all have to deal with anger, because anger happens. Run, jump, punch a pillow, go outside and yell, but do not allow yourself or your children to hit people. Now, I didn’t say don’t spank your kids. Spanking can be a loving, and effective way to discipline, but not if it’s equated with hitting in your mind or in the mind of a your child.

In our home, if a spanking was in order, the culprit was usually sentenced to a short wait in another room while I calmed down. Then I initiated an eye-to-eye discussion about what was about to happen and why. I administered a few swats with a wooden spoon directed to the most padded part of my child’s body and followed up with a hug, or at least an affirmation of my love for that child. Colossians 3 says, “Fathers, provoke not your children to anger, lest they be discouraged.” An angry slap across the face, or even across the derriere, is not a proper spanking and will only teach your child to hit. So if you’ve got kids at home and you choose to spank, do so appropriately, and do not hit. 

Be Respectful to Grown-ups.  Actually, this rule should have read “be respectful of others,” because at what age do we suddenly deserve respect? Even children should be treated with kindness and respect. Otherwise how will they really learn to do the same? Think for a moment about the people we encounter every day. Wouldn’t Christ have us treat them all with love and respect?

If We Are Not There, 2 Sugar Limit.  Our bodies belong to God, and it’s our responsibility to take care of them. We limited the sweet stuff in our home (more on that next week) and asked our kids to limit themselves even when they were out on their own. Now that we are “empty nesters,” we’re still trying to eat well out of respect for our Lord. 

And there you have it! What rules did I miss? What was posted in your kitchen? What directives are you trying to follow today?


What are your thoughts?

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