Pray for Someone Every Day

praying handsJust one “rule” this week: Pray for Someone Every Day.

Our daughter and son-in-law started life as newlyweds in Los Angeles, where life is most definitely not cheap. Her job required that a good bit of paperwork be done at home. After about two months of spreading work papers across the floor, she came to a point where she just “had” to have a desk. A piece of furniture simply was not in their budget, so they began to pray. The next day, her husband found one in the apartment trash stack—nothing fancy, but very serviceable. She enjoyed having that desk, and her friends and family all enjoyed praising God for his provision because she told us about it.

Not long ago a young woman of my acquaintance needed surgery. The doctors were pretty sure it was cancer. Family and friends banded together and prayed. The tumor was benign. We marveled and rejoiced yet again at the awesome power of our Lord. Yes, God will sometimes say no. Pray anyway. Pray for someone every day, and rejoice as you see the answers!

1 Thessalonians 5:17 tells us to pray without ceasing. What in the world does that look like? Perhaps ceaseless prayer means a constant awareness of the nearness of our Lord, an all-day stream of praises and requests, and continued listening for direction from the Holy Spirit. Certainly, a quick appeal for blessings at bedtime and at meals is not enough. Would any of us consider that level of communication sufficient from a spouse or from a friend?

We ought to bring our every need, big or small, to the throne of God, to pray for others besides ourselves and our immediate family and, as prayers are answered, to make a big deal out of our blessings. If you’ve got kids at home, let them hear you praying for them and for their friends. Let them see you look to the Lord for help, comfort and direction in all things. Lost keys? A headache? Big decisions? A major illness? Our God is both practical and omnipotent. I’m convinced that there is nothing we need that he deems too great or too trivial to be raised in prayer.


4 thoughts on “Pray for Someone Every Day

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  3. Just got home…and guess who showed up in front of the house? Our kitty cat, Spice 🙂
    Thanks for praying!

  4. Great blog, Brenda. What does praying without ceasing look like? I’ve pondered this one many times over the years and wondered if Paul might be saying that we should never give up on prayer even when it seems like we’re not getting answers. That said, please say a prayer that our cat (Spice) will come home. He has been away since Sunday except for a brief visit for food on Tuesday morning.

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