Noticing the Nudge


Do you ever get a nudge and wonder what to do about it?

  • In the middle of some daily task, you have the distinct impression that you ought to call So-and-So, or pray for Such-and-Such.
  • You’re at the mall and something seems to be telling you to buy a particular item now and set it aside for an unknown purpose.
  • In the middle of a conversation, about to make what seems like an important point, you just know that you need to keep your mouth shut. (Or, on the other hand, having planned to keep quiet, you feel clearly directed to speak up.)

Nudges are a little scary. The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit indwells and guides us, but we’re not always sure if it’s his voice or our own imagination that we’re hearing. Unless the urge we feel goes against Scripture, against the character of God as we have come to know him, we should probably follow those nudges, no matter how small or illogical they may seem.

Years ago, when my husband was working under his car, he suddenly felt like he was being told to move his leg. Moments later the jack gave way. Moving his leg prevented an injury.

Once I was called to the hospital to help a friend. On the way out I could almost hear what seemed like a silly suggestion, “take the throw pillow.” I felt a little stupid walking into the hospital with a throw pillow, until I discovered it was something my friend needed right then.

Suppose the jack had not given way or my friend had asked, “What’s the pillow for?” What harm would have been done? Why not do what we think God is asking even when we don’t know why, even when it doesn’t seem to make perfect sense?

Maybe when the Holy Spirit speaks to us of tiny details they are much more important than we realize. Maybe they are practice sessions, getting us ready for a time when we will need to be attuned, sure of his voice and ready to obey. And if what we think is a nudge is really just our imaginations on overdrive, wouldn’t we still be honoring the Lord if we were to say, “I think you are asking me to do this, and so I’ll do it just in case?”

Won’t you share your experience here? Tell me when have you noticed a nudge and seen God’s glory in its outcome.




3 thoughts on “Noticing the Nudge

  1. I have several:

    1) I felt The Lord telling me to tell this girl I hadn’t spent a lot of time with in the past that I loved her. After a brief argument that I lost, I obeyed. She gave me one of the biggest hugs I’ve ever received. She apparently had been struggling with the idea that she didn’t have any friends in her home town, and God wanted to prove to her that she did.

    2) One time The Lord told me to take an alternate route to class and sit in the lounge area outside in a certain spot. As soon as i sat down, a friend of mine was walking by, and we had a much needed, God-ordained conversation.

    3) There was a girl at a worship meeting God pointed out for me to pray for. I asked her if I had permission, and after she initially declined, she agreed to it. When I started praying, she began weeping and God delivered her of a very broken place that night.

  2. Before leaving for a solo weekend visit to Israel (from London) in November 2004, i repeatedly “saw” that i would be meeting a certain pastor/evangelist (Steve Hill, from Dallas) on a street in Jerusalem and that i would be visiting the house of Simon the Tanner (Acts 10). On day one of my visit, my footsteps were Ordered to cross paths with Steve Hill on an ancient street near the western wall in Jerusalem. Then on day two, after spending the night in Tel Aviv, my footsteps were Ordered directly to the doorstep of Simon the Tanner’s house in Jaffa after a 30-minute walk of faith from my hotel in Tel Aviv. His nudges are real; even though this example may seem like more of a ‘personal treat’ than anything else, it is literal proof to me that He truly does move us to walk in His ways!

    • And from another dear friend: This is soooo true how the HS prompts us! So often I do things I don’t understand but later realize …oh that was why…. It is such a joy to be at a place with the HS that I do recognize His voice and His promptings. Life is so much the fuller for it. Praise God!

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