Singing in the Shower


When the day is done, do you ever look in the proverbial rear-view mirror, evaluating your actions and giving them a grade? I’ve certainly done that, but here’s the good news: If we are about our Father’s business, the results are his, not ours. Of course our enemy, Satan, continues to look for ways to trip us up. One of his ploys is to lead us into what I call “shower talk.” We all know the drill…

Having just finished some challenging act of service, you finally take that well-deserved hot shower. As the soap suds begin to build, so does something else—pride or anxiety or, oddly, both at once. If what you did went well in your eyes, you praise the Lord as you scrub away. Gradually, though, you begin to sing your own praises just a bit. “Yes, that was awesome! Wow, I really dazzled them!”

When things haven’t gone according to our plans, those showers quickly become venues for self-approved pity parties and knock down sessions, reviews of what we see as dismal failures. Greater peace comes from refusing to allow our minds to dwell on thoughts of our own success or failure. The moment an action is passed, it is unchangeable. Why do we continue to turn it over and over in our minds?

We ought never to indulge in these sessions of self-reflection, since they so quickly turn us toward discouragement or conceit. It’s a much better practice to ask the Lord to use our work, to cover our mistakes and to bless our efforts. Then, having put things into His hands, let us leave them there. Laying all thoughts of our past aside, we are best off moving on to the next challenge that awaits.

How do you keep from “singing in the shower”?


2 thoughts on “Singing in the Shower

  1. “I actually get some of my best revelation from the Lord in the shower” tells me you spend that time praying/listening to him. What a perfect way to multi-task!

  2. Hmmm. . . I must be doing something “wrong.” I actually get some of my best revelation from the Lord in the shower–but then I take my shower at about 3:15 a.m. while I am getting ready for work. Maybe that’s the key–take your shower at the beginning of the day before you do anything “great” or “mess anything up”! 🙂 Good post.

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