Unanswered Prayer

IMG_1525Nobody likes to be told no. I certainly don’t. Yet, our loving Father really does know best. Let me tell you a story…

Long ago, my husband took a job in Houston. We needed to find a house in a hurry. We came down for a weekend and embarked on what we later described as “the beauty pageant approach to house shopping.” First we saw eighteen contenders. (Yes, all in one day.) Later we went back for a more detailed look at our top three choices, prayerfully picked one, and made an offer. I was thrilled with the choice. Our first two houses had been fixer uppers. This property was move-in ready and had just the floor plan I was looking for. It was perfect.

Then lightning struck. We were sitting in the living room of our house-to-be when the current owner came in crying and said something like, “I’ve changed my mind. It’s not for sale. I’d like for you to leave now.” Talk about a punch in the gut! None of the other houses we’d seen held a candle to this one, and we had to leave town very, very soon. I remember saying deep within myself, “I trust you, Lord. I trust you, Lord.” But on the outside I could barely breathe. We put an offer on our back-up option, left town, and wondered what in the world was going on.

Fast forward 23 years. We still live in that “second choice house.”  It’s more perfect for our family than we ever could have imagined. The floor plan wasn’t what I thought we wanted, but it was exactly what we needed. We’re down the street from my parents, close to the community center, and next door to terrific neighbors. What’s more, this house is bordered by flood plain land on two sides, so while I drive up to a home in the suburbs, I walk out back to a wooded countryside. The other house, the one I thought was perfect? For a variety of reasons, we would have moved a long time ago. Thank God for unanswered prayer. He sees a far bigger picture than our human eyes can perceive.

When have you been blessed beyond measure by an unanswered prayer? Now’s your chance to share that story. Post a comment and tell us what God did!


3 thoughts on “Unanswered Prayer

  1. Brenda, your house has been the perfect choice for your family, and also for the many friends with whom you have shared it! God’s choice in homes has blessed many; thank you for sharing!

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