The Shoebox


“We are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”  Wow! This verse adds a whole new angle to “God has a plan for your life!” Not only does God have a plan, but he has good works set out ahead of time for us to do. If we’re to accomplish the tasks set out for us, we can’t do a lot of what my parents used to call “dilly-dallying.” Good stewardship of our time requires vigilance.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss has a wonderful article on Time Robbers posted here. Nancy’s point is that little things can put us off track. She lists several subtle time thieves that sound awfully familiar to me. None of them are bad on their own, as long as we’re careful about how much time they are allowed to steal.

Little moments matter, though! I’ve learned to save time by using all those five- or ten-minute chunks of the day that crop up in between the rest of life, moments I used to spend just waiting. A simple shoebox makes the difference. (OK, you might want to upgrade to a better looking basket.) My box stays in the kitchen most of the time. Yours might belong in the car or next to your desk. Here’s the sort of thing that goes into that box:

  • Yet-to-be-read newsletters
  • Notecards and thank you notes
  • A necklace that needs untangling
  • A shirt that needs mending, along with matching thread and a needle
  • A broken cup and the glue to fix it

These days most of the “odds and ends” tasks that used to accumulate (and frustrate me) get taken care of while I’m waiting for something else to happen. (The pot to boil, the friend to arrive, the call to come in, the dentist to say it’s my turn…)

Using time wisely is one way we honor the Lord, making ourselves available to his plans. And we can all learn from one another. How do you stretch the hours in your day?


What are your thoughts?

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