Black Bart

Black Bart

We live in a hurried, harried world. Nevertheless, there’s time each day to do all God wants us to do. There must be! God is not some heavenly prankster, waiting up in heaven to frustrate us. He gave us this day, and gave us one—and only one—day’s worth of tasks to complete before our 24 hours are spent. When our days are overfilled, were the ones who overfilled them.

We may have a lot we want to do, but life doesn’t give us everything we want, at least not right away. If our plates are too full, we need to ask God to show us where we’ve taken on too much, or where we’ve allowed something to get in the way of his best plan for us. Proverbs 16:9 says, “The mind of man plans his ways but the Lord directs his steps.” Not everything we have in mind to do may be in God’s plan for us right now. We have to make wise choices, couched in prayer, asking God to direct our steps. An inventory is in order, a close look at the way we’re spending our time. Are we being taken to the cleaners by time robbers?

Allow me to introduce you to Black Bart. (His innocent image is displayed at the beginning of this post.) Wikipedia describes him as “a gentleman bandit, and one of the most notorious stagecoach robbers to operate in and around Northern California and southern Oregon during the 1870’s and 1880’s.” Black Bart worked alone and drove Wells Fargo Agents crazy for almost a decade. I think he got away with highway robbery because he didn’t look threatening. He looked like some harmless old gent, so nobody was wary of him. By the time they realized he was a bad guy, it was too late. Time robbers can be the same way. They look innocent enough, but by the time we recognize them for what they are, they’ve already stolen countless hours.

What are some of your time robbers? How do you keep them at bay? I’ll tell you about some of mine in later posts, but I would love to hear about yours. In the meantime, be wary of those little thieves that eat away at your time. Every minute is precious!


What are your thoughts?

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