Slay the One-Eyed Dragon


Years ago, our TV antennae (remember those?) went on the fritz. We were without reception for a long time and discovered that, actually, life was better that way.

Are you still looking for a way to fit a Sabbath into the week or get enough sleep or finish that project or…? Here’s a thought. Turn off the TV! How many precious hours do we feed to the one-eyed dragon? What are we getting that is so important? What are we missing while the tube drones on? Three hours of viewing per day add up to over 1000 hours every year! Those hours could be spent on working, resting, or playing in creative and refreshing ways. Certainly our relationships could benefit from a little less “tube time.” (The same goes for all those hours spent surfing on the internet or playing video games.)

Television has a habitual hold on many of us. We have convinced ourselves that we must be constantly up to date on the latest in news and entertainment. We’ve even begun to forget any other ways to relax and enjoy our leisure time. Consider this experiment. Slay your one-eyed dragon, at least for one week, by following these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Make an exhaustive list of everything you wish you had time to do. Post your “Wanna Do” list somewhere handy. You’ll be using it soon!
  • Step 2: Make the TV less accessible. Move it; cover it; unplug it; hide the remotes. Just make it a little easier to ignore.
  • Step 3: Go TV free for one week. Work on your “Wanna Do” list instead. If you are making this “screen fast” a family affair, talk about the benefits of this process ahead of time. Remind everyone that this is a one week experiment.
  • Step 4: Enjoy your extra time! Do something restful, or fun, or productive. Be sure you replace your TV time with something at least as satisfying. Don’t just catch up on chores. Use part of the time to do the fun things you’ve been trying to “get around to” for months.
  • Step 5: After seven days, go ahead. Have a Movie Night!  But first, talk about all the neat stuff you were able to fit into your week. Make a deliberate decision regarding the number of hours you will feed the TV Dragon in the weeks ahead.

Have you tamed your One-Eyed Dragon? How did you do it?



One thought on “Slay the One-Eyed Dragon

  1. We turned our t.v off years ago and found we didn’t miss it either. People do give us strange looks though when I tell them that we don’t “do t.v.” What a blessing not to have to clear out all that brain clutter of bad news and totally irrelevant information.

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