When You Frown, Write It Down!


It’s raining as I write this–a cold, gloomy, better-stay-in kind of rain. I’m trying not to let the gloominess soak into my soul. January challenges all of us to make a cheerful transition from holiday hiatus back to the real demands of our work-a-day world. ‘Time for me to pull out my journal!

Writing down the good and bad of life lends unique perspective to my days. Aibileen Clark, a main character in The Help, wrote down her prayers every night. Great idea! When I’m covered up with a particularly long list of cares and concerns, writing them down as I pray helps me focus. Often afterwards the list doesn’t look quite so foreboding. Even if it does, once it’s down in ink I have a three dimensional reminder that I’ve taken these items to my loving Lord and asked him to take charge. Here’s what else my journal holds.

  • Long lists from troubles past—many of them now tributes to God’s faithfulness, since the problems were solved many months or years ago.
  • Entries from delightful days, reminding me that many pleasant times have been my lot and, most likely, many more will come my way.
  • Mementos of miracles. When the Lord does something astounding in my life, I usually jot down the details. Later I’m reminded of his goodness and get to experience the thrill of his intervention all over again. Old journals make great reading!

Psalm 77 is terrific. Verse eleven in particular applies: “I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.”  It doesn’t really matter how we remember, only that we remember. For me, journaling is a key. For some, it is a photo album or a collection of “souvenirs.” So tell me, how do you go about recalling the faithfulness of God?


One thought on “When You Frown, Write It Down!

  1. Although not as diligent nowadays as in years past, i have benefited from much the same approach you describe here. One thing that i go back and read on regular basis is the testimony of how the Lord brought me into Himself. It reminds me of who i am in Him, how i got here and where i am going. Why am I thankful to God? There’s a long list, but, for starters, because he:
    • convicted me as a sinner
    • saved me from dying in an automobile accident.
    • delivered me from a destructive prescription drug addiction and a host of other bondages…
    • gave me the opportunity and words to apologize to various people who i had wronged over the years…
    • speaks to me in a still, small voice
    • answers prayers for others
    • To the King of Ages, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen —1 Timothy 1:17

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